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National Cargo Bureau Office Locations

National Cargo Bureau also has representations in other port locations. For more information contact the regional office.
For services outside of the United states please Contact the New York Office..

NCB Location MAP
Los Angeles
San Francisco
Corpus Christi
New Orleans
New York
 Great Lakes 
Baton Rouge
The Port of Seattle
1001 SW Klickitat Way
Suite 101
Seattle, WA 98134
Tel: (206) 285-5250
Senior Surveyor: Capt. William George
CELL: (206) 719-4856

Areas Covered Include:
Seattle, WA           Tacoma, WA
Everett, WA           Aberdeen, WA
All Puget Sound Locations

Seattle, Washington
The Port of Portland
3556 NW Front Avenue,
Suite 385
Portland, OR 97210
Tel: (503) 248-4656
Fax: (503) 248-4134
Senior Surveyor: Capt. Giovanni Vairo
CELL: (503) 522-9145

Areas Covered Include:
Portland, OR       Vancouver, WA
Kalama, WA         Longview, WA
Astoria, WA

Portland, OR
Port of Honolulu, HI

National Cargo Bureau Office # 20
2176 Lauwiliwili Street
Suite # 1
Kapolei, HI 96707
Tel: (808) 238-9874
Senior Surveyor: Capt. John Knauss
CELL: (808) 238-9874
Areas Covered Include:
all Hawaiian Islands
The Port of Savannah
6004 Commerce Blvd.
Garden City, GA 31408
Tel: (912) 964-7255
Fax: (912) 964-6991
Senior Surveyor: Capt. Stanislav Stavenchuk
CELL: (912) 429-2419

Areas Covered Include:
Savannah, GA             Port Royal, SC
Brunswick, GA             Jacksonville, FL

Savannah, GA
The Port of Miami
1005 W State Road 84
Suite 115
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315
Tel: (786) 202-7312
Senior Surveyor: Capt. Atanas P. Atanasov
CELL: (786) 202-7312

Staff Surveyor: Miguel Herrera
CELL: (786) 202-7480

Areas Covered Include:
All locations in the Port of Miami             Port Everglades
Port Canaveral            

Savannah, GA
The Port of San Francisco
1910 Olympic Blvd.
Suite 370
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Tel: (925) 448-2988
Fax : (925) 464-7993
Senior Surveyor: Capt. Atanas P. Atanasov
CELL: (510) 331-9177

Areas Covered Include:
Oakland, CA      Concorde, CA
Sacramento, CA      Stockton, CA

San Francisco, CA

The Port of Los Angeles
302 W. 5th Street
Suite 205
San Pedro, CA 90731
Tel: (310) 548-1798
Fax: (310) 548-1830
Senior Surveyor:Capt. Gregory Gojkovich
CELL: (310) 350-6581

Areas Covered Include:
San Diego, CA
Port Hueneme, CA
All locations in Los Angeles and Long Beach, CA

Los Angeles, CA
The Port of Houston
11811 East Freeway
Suite 420
Houston, TX 77029
Tel: (713) 451-4303
Fax: (713) 450-3330
Senior Surveyor: Capt. Michael T. Camm
CELL: (713) 962-7766

Areas Covered Include:
Houston, TX    Freeport,TX    Galveston, TX
Beaumont, TX   Orange, TX    Port Arthur, TX
Port Neches, TX
Houston, TX - Picture
The Port of Corpus Christi
3649 Leopard Street
Suite 304
Corpus Christi, TX 78408
Tel: (361) 452-1592
Senior Surveyor: Capt. Paul Pepito
CELL: (361) 944-4372

Areas Covered Include:
Corpus Christi, TX    Brownsville, TX    Point Comfort, TX
Port Isabel, TX
Corpus Christi, TX - Picture
The Port of New Orleans
2424 Edenborn Ave
Suite 210
Metairie, LA 70001
Tel: (504) 837-1647
Fax: (504) 837-1640
Senior Surveyor: Capt. Geoffrey Bolton
CELL: (504) 301-7501

Areas Covered Include:
Gulfport, MS               Mobile, AL
Pensacola, FL           Panama City, FL
All locations on the Mississippi River south of Convent

New Orleans, LA

Atlantic Coast Ports
Deputy Chief Surveyor: Capt. Thomas Sheridan
Cell:(973) 568-5792
Pacific Port Deputy Chief

Great Lakes Ports
Deputy Chief Surveyor: Capt. Thomas Sheridan
Cell:(973) 568-5792
× New Orleans, LA
Pacific Coast Ports
Deputy Chief Surveyor: Capt. Edward F. Walker Jr.
Cell:(917) 435-0034
Pacific Port Deputy Chief

Gulf Coast Ports
Deputy Chief Surveyor: Capt. Peter Ho
Cell:(504) 304-7506
Mississippi, LA



180 Maiden Lane
Suite 903
New York, NY 10038

Tel. : (212) 785-8300
Fax : (212) 785-8333


Mr. Ian J. Lennard     -     President
Mr. Richard Nagle     -     Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Kristian Wiede     -     Corporate Secretary


Capt. Geoffrey Davies
Chief Surveyor
Cell:(917) 690-4606
Capt. Philip Anderson
Chief, Technical Department
Cell: (917) 239-1594
Capt. Edward F. Walker, Jr.
Assistant Deputy Chief Technical
Cell:(917) 435-0034
Mr. Robert Ahlborn
Vice President – Liner Operations
Cell: (917) 207-1179
Mr. Graeme Mcphee
Manager – Liner Operations
Mr. William Whelan
Senior IT Coordinator
Mr. Christopher de Prado
IT Applications Development Manager

Port of Newark
614 Frelinghuysen Avenue Suite 230
Newark, NJ 07114-1356
Tel: (973) 622-1201
Fax: (973) 622-1301
Senior Surveyor: Capt. Eric Rounds
Cell:(973) 568-5793
Areas Covered Include:
All locations in the port of New York, New Jersey and Metro Areas
Long Island Sound    Albany, NY       Philadelphia, PA    
Newark, NJ
Port of Baltimore
Maritime Center
6610-B Tributary Street
Suite 204
Baltimore, MD 21224
Tel: (410) 633-6680
Fax: (410) 633-6812
Senior Surveyor: Capt. Peter S. Peers
Cell:(410) 979-1870

Areas Covered Include:
includes Wilmington, DE, and all ports connecting to
the Chesapeake Bay north of the Potomac and Wilmington DE
The Port of Chicago
1350 East Sibley Blvd.
Suite 203
Dolton, IL 60419-2965
Tel: (708) 849-2700
Fax: (708) 849-4435
Senior Surveyor: Capt. Andrew Koszegi
Cell:(312) 505-2676

Areas Covered Include:
Chicago, IL             Milwaukee, WI
Burns Harbor, IN     Saginaw, MI
Detroit, MI               Toledo, OH

Port of Norfolk
6330 Newtown Road
Suite 225
Norfolk, VA 23502
Tel: (757) 459-8041
Fax: (757) 459-8046
Senior Surveyor: Capt. Albert Golovan
Cell:(757) 403-3982
Areas Covered Include:
Norfolk, VA, Richmond, VA, Elizabeth City, NC and
all ports connecting to the Chesapeake Bay south of the Potomac
Port of Charleston
857 Coleman Blvd.
Suite D
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
Tel: (843) 849-6374
Fax: (843) 849-6670
Senior Surveyor: Capt. Matthew G. Seif
Cell:(843) 870-5068

Areas Covered Include:
Charleston, SC       Georgetown, SC     Wilmington, NC
The Port of Baton Rouge
18550 Highland Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70809-6107
Tel: (225) 751-9925
Fax: (225) 751-9927
Senior Surveyor: Capt. Ralf Grunitz
Cell:(504) 301-7501

Areas Covered Include:
Burnside, LA, Lake Charles, LA, Darrow, LA,
and all locations on the Mississippi River north of Convent

Baton Rouge, LA
The Port of Duluth
600 South Lake Avenue
Duluth, MN 55802
Tel: (218) 727-3003
Senior Surveyor: Capt. Carsten Brueninghaus
Cell:(218) 343-1406

Areas Covered Include:
Duluth, MN               Superior, WI