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National Cargo Bureau was incorporated as a non-profit organization and began its operations in 1952. The Bureau was created to render assistance to the United States Coast Guard in discharging its responsibilities under the 1948 International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea     More...

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National Cargo Bureau also has representations in other port locations. For more information contact the regional office.
For services outside of the United states please Contact Our Corporate New York Office.. NCB Location Map
Exis Technologies
The Software Division of National Cargo Bureau

Exis Technologies Limited is the leading supplier of IT systems for the management of dangerous goods in sea transport. They have 30 years' experience of supporting major shipping lines, ferry operators, ports and terminals, logistics operators, freight forwarders, government and regulatory organisations worldwide.

Exis supplies a tailored range of products to the sea transport chain backed by technical support and consulting services. Their specialist team combine hazardous materials expertise, quality assurance and project management skills that deliver the most efficient and user-friendly systems available.

Exis head office is located in Darlington, UK, with a global network of distributors.