NCB Hazmat and Cargo Training safety of Life and Cargo at Sea

Two Day IMDG Code with Vessel
Stowage and Segregation - Classroom

Designed as a recertification for hazmat professionals who have already completed their initial training. This course consists of the One Day IMDG Code Course plus the IMDG Code Vessel Stowage & Segregation function specific Course.

Client Location     : $2500.00 * plus $85.00 per person
NCB Location       : $ 515.00 per person (minimum number may apply)

*Additional charges may apply for travel to client's locations outside local office areas and/or for training performed on weekends, nights (outside 0800-1700) or holidays.

NCB also offers general on going consultative support or specific guidance relating to the transport of dangerous goods.

Monthly retainer

For further information or to order this or any other course, please contact our New York Office.