NCB Hazmat and Cargo Training safety of Life and Cargo at Sea

Distance Learning Course
(U.S. Coast Guard Approved)
49CFR (Parts 100-185) Hazardous Materials Transportation

The overall objective of this self-study course is to assist hazmat employers to meet the minimum requirements for training of hazmat employees as contained in Subpart H of Part 172, Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations (49CFR).

This training addresses the regulations only and is limited to the U. S. regulations for transportation of packaged hazardous materials as contained in Subchapter C of 49CFR with selected mention of programs contained in Subchapter A.
This course is based on the materials provided, which include the annual Government Printing Office edition of 49CFR (Parts 100-177), and the three books which comprise the course material.

This course is U.S. Coast Guard-approved and upon successful completion (85% or better) in addition to the required certificate of training, the participant receives a 5-day sea service equivalent at your highest rating. It may be purchased by contacting our Headquarters in New York.

The price of the course is $375.00. Additional fees will be charged for handling of course material being mailed outside of the United States. Shipping fees will be charged at cost. A bank service charge of $50.00 will be added for all checks drawn on foreign banks or submitted in foreign funds.

For further information or to order this or any other course, please contact our New York Office.