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Cargo Security Risk Assessments and Consultations

NCB Cargo Security Risk Assessments are generally carried out on behalf of insurers or shippers of High Value Theft Targeted (HVTT) Cargoes. They may also be conducted as "pre-audit" consultations for logistics service providers, motor truck carriers or warehousemen seeking TAPA Facility Security Requirement (FSR) or Trucking Security Requirement (TSR) certification.

NCB Cargo Security Risk Assessments are based on Transported Assets Protection Association (TAPA) Facility Security Requirement (FSR) and Trucking Security Requirement (TSR) standards with focus on storage and / or transport of cargo.

Areas of emphasis for NCB cargo security risk assessments include:

Specific requirements and resulting recommendations are based on level of theft risk presented by the subject cargo and location of storage facility or supply chain routing.