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Cargo Suitability Surveys
NCB Cargo suitability surveys are generally conducted on behalf of insurers to determine "cargo-worthiness" of vessels for high value or project cargo critical / key item shipments, or for chartered vessels, or for vessels under consideration for charter, that fall outside of insurance policy conditions

Cargo suitability surveys may consist of Desk-Top vetting and / or Physical Inspection. Desk-Top vetting generally entails the review of specific risk factors to determine perceived level of risk associated with a particular vessel. If the risk associated with a vessel is considered to be high or falls outside of a client's standard, a physical inspection may be warranted to determine the relative safety and fitness of a vessel for carriage of a subject cargo on a particular voyage.

Physical inspections may include the following (as applicable for intended cargo):

These inspections may be tailored to a client's specific requirements as warranted