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Remote Inspections

In order to further promote our mission of SAFETY OF LIFE AND CARGO AT SEA, National Cargo Bureau (NCB) is expanding our capabilities with a web-based solution that simplifies the capture of information and media files. Our team of surveyors, who offer decades of experience regarding container inspections, are now able to review and inspect container transport units remotely based on the material the client captures and uploads to the platform.

Remote Main Screen

This solution comes with two available features: Workflow for Remote Container Inspections and a Live Video option with a direct NCB Surveyor live connection depending on the services requested.

These remote inspections are performed via self-service workflows. Each task in the workflows is guided with detailed instructions and examples.

The workflows sent by NCB are received on a mobile device(s) of assigned representatives (i.e. Ocean Carrier, Container Freight Station, Marine Terminal, Shipper, Beneficial Cargo Owner, Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier, etc.).

After receiving the request, the user can start and complete the workflow without the need of installing any app or content. The recorded information and media files will be analyzed by our surveyors to determine if the container transport unit is in compliance with applicable regulations and acceptable for ocean transport.

remote inspections2
Advantages of Remote Container Inspections

remote inspections

Potential Cost Savings and Efficiencies for remote inspections when the unit is found non-compliant with applicable regulations and standards, eliminating costs due to:

* May be exacerbated due to lack of hazmat driver availability

Clients can further improve the stability and predictability of their supply chains, improve planning accuracy and reduce administrative work related to rolled cargo.

remote inspections

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