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Shipping and Handling Consultations
NCB Shipping and Handling consultations are generally carried out on behalf of insurers and / or shippers of dangerous, high value, heavy, awkward or other cargos that may be sensitive to mechanical or climatic stresses with the objective to proactively (or reactively) minimize the potential for cargo damage or loss.

These consultations can be carried out at multiple sites on a global basis. Each consultation is tailored to fit a client's needs and may encompass:

Upon completion of the agreed reviews, recommendations for improvement in shipping and handling are formulated and documented for the client in a detailed report. Follow-up consultations or site visits may be conducted as required.

Shipping and Handling consultations may also include the development of an on-going "risk notification process" where designated high risk or high value shipments are closely monitored during transport through surveys conducted at key loading, transfer, discharge or storage sites to further minimize the potential for loss.